Excellent remedies and techniques to deal with low blood pressure

low blood pressure disease is very common now days many adults and childerns are suffering from low BP the main reason behind this is less physical activity and stress full thoughts and very low nutrition diet.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 but when the BP goes low means 90 over 60 that would be definitely a low blood pressure.

low blood pressure can cause to minor consequences such as



3.blurred vision


Low BP usually seen in people who are physically less active or who spend most of their time sitting or sleeping.

In this post i will share some excellent remedies to manage Low Blood Pressure

1.drink mulatti tea

mulati is a powerful herb that really helps to normalize low blood pressure, low blood pressure is usually caused by low cortisol level it contains compound that helps to stop the working of enzymes that breaks down cortisol to manage low blood pressure.
You should drink this mulati tea every day for normal Blood Pressure. Muleti or liquor rice
is easily available in powdered form in a dry form so we need to dissolve powder in a boiling water
And we need to boil it atleast 10-15 minutes then pull it down and then it is ready for drink. But we need to make it cool first then we need to filter the unwanted substances
then it is ready to consume

2. chew tulsi leaves

In tulsi leaves there is an antioxident is present named eugenol which helps to elevate low blood pressure level, tulsi leaves are also high in potassium, magnesium, vitamin c and vitamin b5 and all of these helps to regulate normal blood pressure flow.
Every morning you should take 4-5 fresh leaves of tulsi or you can make a drink from tulsi extract.

3. increase folate intake
Folate deficiency in body can cause weakness, fatigue, difficulty in concentration, irritability and anemia and all of this will take normal BP to low blood pressure level, so to manage this you should eat folate rich food such as leafy green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, bruises sprouts,
peas, citrus fruits like oranges and lemon and fruits like bananas and melons.

4. increase your salt intake

Usually in many studies it is seen that a person with low blood pressure often has low sodium level in his body hence they should increase their salt intake, sodium helps to bring up the blood pressure optimal level we can take alternative such as sea salt or himalayan pig salt, try and cook meals with these salts and can sprinkle these salts on salad.
One more thing we should not take too much salt as excessive amount of salt in diet will lead to water retention in your body it would bring high blood pressure and even
cardiac problem.
Whenever you are experiencing low bp symptoms you should have a salty snack or take some little salt
to normalize your bp or you just take a lemon juice with salt and little honey in it.

5. skip long hot shower

long duration of exposure to hot water can make you get dizzy
so preferably take bath with lukewarm water and keep your bathing time short, for safety keep a stool in the bathroom and sit then take bath this will prevent you from collapsing on floor or naturally injuring yourself.

6.drink more water

drinking water increases plasma it is responsible for many important
functions in our body including increased blood pressure, water can help to increase the blood volume as well prevent from dehydration which are essential steps in managing low bp.
Make it a habit to drink atleast 8 to 10 glasses of water daily but remember we need to drink water slowly, sitting and not hastily.

7. Avoid abrupt change of your body position
We should always remember sit up or stand straight at a moderate pace, not suddenly because when someone abruptly rises from lying down or sitting, there is a quick drop in blood pressure which can lead to light addedness and dizziness this happens because of our cardiovascular and our nervous system fails to respond
to this sudden shift, so when you are lying down first turn to your side with the support of your hand and then slowly get up and don't get up suddenly.

8. spend time in nature

if you experience low bp symptom quite often then you should increase your outdoor exposure.
each morning step out of your house and soak in the goodness of nature, walking in nature would really help you stay active and your pressure in life also would remain
balanced, be active in your life
follow yoga do some asanas, do some pranayamas and you must
definitely have some hobby where you would be spending some half an hour to one hour time on your hobby that also would work wonders.
Understand our body communicates to us through various signals so pay attention to your body language and take preventive or treatment action immediately.

follow all these simple tips and you can effectively manage your low bp condition, remember an inactive and sluggish mind can cause low blood pressure so keep your mind engaged always because free mind is not right mind it should be engaged always learning something new every day would be beautiful

some good literature would be fine for reading or listening to some
nice healthy talks would be lovely and then writing whatever you have heard whatever you have learned all these things would really help, so person should be engaged in physical activities such as walking in nature, doing asanas, doing pranayama and this way you can keep your body and mind active and happy and maintain an active and early morning routine
to stay energized and avoid low blood pressure.