Do this to Grow Taller Naturally


Every individual’s height is defined by certain 

factors. These factors include genetics, overall  

health, activities, and medical conditions. Girls 

usually grow until they are 14 years old whereas  

boys’ height typically grows until they are 16 or 

18 years old. However, there are ways to increase  

your height even at a later age. Today, we will talk 

about some useful tips to increase your height.

First one - Best growth activities

Staying active improves muscles and bones, 

it also promotes the release of human growth  

hormones. Here are the three best activities 

that can help in height growth. First one  

hanging from the bar is a fun and beneficial activity. 

It can help to lengthen the spine and encourage  

the vertical growth. Second try to reach 

out to something on higher shelves. Here,  

you will have to stretch your hands, 

spine & whole body and that would help  

do this whenever possible, because that's 

going to give you excellent upward stretch. 

Third, sports like basketball, volleyball 

are excellent sports to gain height. Swimming  

is also an amazing full bodies stretch. This 

also strengthens the spine and helps in height

Second – 3 most important 

asanas for height growth.

These three asanas are very 

effective for elongating the spine.  

They facilitate maximum stretch of your body and 

improve your posture. Regular practice  

of these asanas, help you tone up the deep 

muscles that support the spinal column and trunk  

that helps to correct for faulty posture 

like rounded shoulder, drooping shoulder.  

It also helps in body's 

production of growth hormones.

First asana – Tadasana

Tadasana, palm tree pose is excellent posture. 

Here we are to stand straight, both feet  

one foot apart parallel to each other, 

eyes straight gazing at one point  

hands have to be by the side. While inhaling raise 

your arm forwards and upwards towards the ceiling,  

simultaneously rise on your toes in a synchronized 

manner. There should be synchronization between  

hand movements and the toe moments, retain the 

position and hold your breath for six seconds.  

Now, slowly bring your hands and toes back 

to the normal position at the same time.

Second asana – Yashtikasana, stick pose.


Lie on your back on the mat with your legs  

fully extended, feet together, hands on the 

side palm facing downwards. Inhaling raise  

both your hands in such a manner, here you 

will feel a complete stretch simultaneously  

point your toes downwards against your body. 

As though, the upper body is getting pulled upwards  

and lower body is getting pulled downwards and you 

will feel that the stomach is getting stretched  

in between maintain the stretch position for 

six to ten seconds while retaining the breath.

Third asana – Parvatasana

Sit erect either in sukhasana or padmasana 

position. Your hands should be on the side  

palms facing upwards. Keep your head and neck, 

straight and abdomen tucked in a normal contour,  

keep your eyes focused on a single spot. Inhaling 

raise both your arms upwards from the side giving  

you a full stretch upwards. Now, join your palms 

with each other in a namaste position above your  

head. Keep your arms close to the respective ears 

and your abdomen gently pulled inwards with your  

back straight. Avoid bending arms at the elbows 

and wrist, keeping them stretched and straight.  

Maintain the stretched position for six 

to ten seconds and repeat this five times.

Third point - Protein-rich diet for height

Protein is important for growth and development. 

Keratin, elastin, and collagen are the proteins  

to help us these proteins help to build the 

a connective framework of various body tissue. So,  

include protein-rich food in your routine 

that would be boiled groundnuts, chickpeas,  

lentils and kidney beans. The curd must be consumed 

every day because it is abundant in protein,  

and it has various other benefits. Include quinoa 

as well since it is highly nutritious whole grain  

and it is classified as a complete protein, 

meaning it includes all nine types of amino acid,  

which provide growth to your body. Don't 

forget to drink a glass of milk daily.  

Milk is a wholesome meal that is rich in protein 

as well as essential nutrients, like calcium,  

phosphorus and magnesium. A balanced 

diet plays a critical role in our height  

along with protein, your body should have 

the adequate proportion of carbohydrates,  

fats and essential vitamins and minerals to 

ensure bone strength growth and development.

Fourth – Avoid slouching strictly.

If you slouch the entire day then it would impact your 

natural curve and the spinal health. It compresses  

the spine that the vertebrae are pushed closer 

and have an impact on your height. That's why  

keep straight, sit straight, stand straight remain 

tall to see that your spine is erect all the time.  

It is also very important to see that your posture 

is straight. Not just while sitting on your desk,  

but also at home, while watching TV, reading, 

bathing as well as sleeping. These good postures  

will help lengthen your spine and 

increase your height by one inch.

Five – Sleep well to wake up taller

Sleep also plays a very important role in your 

height growth. When you sleep the body releases  

the growth hormone and thyroid-stimulating 

hormone, which plays a major role in your height.  

Lack of sufficient sleep can have negative 

effect on your growth. So, ensure to have a good  

night sleep by following the proper routine and 

mealtime too. Understand our bones and muscles  

degrade as we age at the space 

between the vertebrae shrink.

So, if you want to increase your height, 

follow all these helpful nutrition.  

Remember always sit tall, stand tall, stay 

confident and move ahead in your life.