Natural and Safe ways to clean your stomach at home

if the food which we have eaten is not

digested well or eliminated well then

it forms a lining in this entire channel

of our body and so this food will cause

more indigestion bloating

different stomach problems gases

acidity and so on therefore

detox of stomach is very much required

to manage and eliminate all the problems

this in turn would enhance our health

our body is capable to detox itself

naturally but there are

detoxification remedies which are very

simple available in yoga so

today we will talk about stomach detox

exercises so here are few techniques to

improve stomach health first

woman dhoti

it is

called as stomach wash even it is called

as stomach levance take two pints of

lukewarm water previously boiled and

strained add 1 tablespoon full of salt

and sodium bicarb both in equal

proportion stir this content thoroughly

and then start drinking this water till

you feel full

if possible retain the water for some

times otherwise i have seen that people

after drinking this water they

immediately start vomiting wait for

sometimes if you can then instigate root

of tongue by rubbing fingers central

finger on your thumb

to warm it but when you are vomiting try

and see that your abdomen is pushed

evenly and vomit thoroughly out the


understand this technique should be used

only with empty stomach and so only in

the morning before your breakfast after

this the calf should be taken that you

lie down for 10 minutes and then begin

your other activities


means cleaning so it is a tongue

cleaning activity this technique would

help the entire digestive system as well

as the system which eliminates the

toxins of the body in the morning when

done it really helps in a very good

bowel movements too you have to learn to

insert two fingers into your throat up

to the small tongue uvula

rub that over here

this is a beautiful technique anybody

can do that because vomiting is a very

natural phenomenon only you are doing it

thoroughly well by taking the help of

your fingers

so do this and that would help

your stomach instantly

after this gargle with salt water

third point


it is a suspension of breath post

exhalation this should neck pranayama

helps in strengthening the stomach and

activates sluggish digestion and color

in this pranayama you have to sit in a

meditative posture spine straight and


take a normal english when the

inhalation is complete slowly start


long exhalation till you feel no more

air is left in lungs and then

pull your abdomen in

hold this for some time

at least for 5 to even 10 seconds

without any movement in your body

then relax your abdomen after one round

breathe normally for four or five times

and then start the other round practice

this calmly

systematically and you will benefit a

lot another technique is called as agni

sap it is a simple rapid and forceful

movement of stomach it tones it

activates and cleanses the digestive

system and elimination

very effective stand and sit erect with

your hands on side there is no breathing

rhythm and the sound performing in this


rapidly and forcibly draw your stomach

in and release it go on doing this for

few rounds you can begin with 10 to 15

such moment and do up to 50 such moments


fifth point

asanas few asanas that help to

strengthen the abdominal muscles and

improve blood circulation these asanas


shalam hasan sukhtovakrasana

these muscles help to release trapped

gases in the digestive tract they help

in curing chronic constipation as well


removes the diseases of stomach and

bubbles a healthy stomach means a happy

you so

to detox your stomach and avoid health

issues like indigestion acidity bloating

and many more

practice these powerful techniques on a

regular basis cleanse your stomach every

day thoroughly but understand one thing

the first technique which we have

explained that is

should be done once in a month

not every day rest of the techniques you

should do every day to take care of your