best way to treat Astham and bronchitis

Asthma is a condition where the airways becomes
narrow and might produce extra mucus. It can
and all other mental conditions and thus they
be caused by some allergen, mental stress

have to be very careful & conscious. But this condition can be significantly reduced by
First – Yoga Asanas & Pranayama
Yoga. So here are some techniques which you should follow in Yoga Yogic practices can help better your condition.
should be in your routine are: 1) Intercostal
Pranayama are one of the most efficient practices in respiratory problems. Some pranayamas that breathing, respiratory system has 3 muscles
are Clavicular muscles and third Diaphragmatic
which are involved in breathing, breathing in, breathing out, holding breath. One of these muscles are Intercostal muscles, another muscles. So first pranayama that you should
ribcage should contract sideways. So this
do very very regularly is with your intercostal muscles. So here you’ve to keep your hands on your rib cage, and inhale and your rib cage should expand sideways and exhale and
air in the respiratory system. This would
movement of ribcage should be done very regularly. Other pranayams would be Clavicular breathing, diaphragmatic, breathing and Ujjai Pranayama. This Pranayama will help removing the residual
Matsyendraasna, Paschimottanasana, Talasana,
help regulating your breath. Certain other normal exercises should be done and certain asanas should be done very regularly. These asanas could be a Sthithprathanasana, Hastuttanasana, Ardh
Second point – Mudras
Parvatasana, Viparitkarni, Chakrasana. Asanas would help regulating your triggers by boosting immunity. Asanas really helped reducing your mental load too. Practice of at least 30 minutes should be part of your Dinchayara.
sinusitis and asthma
Lings Mudra, Prana Mudra and Apana Mudra would help regulating your respiratory system. Understand now, Linga mudra, this mudra helps balancing your kapha dosha in your body. It reduces all kapha related doshas like cold, cough,
are stimulated body will get rid of excess
Second Mudra is Prana Mudra. Prana Mudra regulates the respiratory system and regulates even our prana. This Mudra should be done daily for five to ten minutes. Third is Apana Mudra. It is this. It helps in detoxification of your whole body. When the excretory organs
decongestant immune boosting herb. You should
toxins and water which is necessary for management of Asthma. Third point - Certain spices and herbs. Certain spices and herbs have de congested property and help elevating the symptom. First among this is ginger. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory give importance to ginger among all the spices.
for its sedative relaxing and distressing
It is supposed to be a Sattvik spice. At least an inch of ginger should go in your body in different forms. It could be in your herbal tea. It could be in your food. It could be in other drinks but take ginger regularly. Second herb is chamomile. Chamomile is a gorgeous flowering plant, this plant is most famous
Fourth point is Aromatherapy.
property. Tea bags of chamomile are widely available. Having chamomile tea at least once a day is advised. Third is garlic. Another effective remedy for Asthma is garlic. Take a garlic clove and boil it with 30 grams of milk and this drink could be a wonderful drink for asthma. It is most effective in the early stages than later.
be a wonderful management. Second oil is Eucalyptus
First is lavender oil. Lavender oil is calming antimicrobial and it is proven to reduce anxiety and stress. The major trigger in asthma is a mental trigger. It is known to be a psychosomatic disease and so we have to do something with our mind. Using lavender oil drops applying on the temple before sleeping at night would oil. Eucalyptus oil is decongestant in nature
should have 40 to 50% vegetables. Everybody
and potent for the respiratory diseases. A few drops in your bathing water or taking steam would be really good. This steam inhalation of eucalyptus oil can work wondered with your airways. Fifth point is food In food having an alkaline diet limiting the acid intake in food is essential. Start your day with lemon water and honey. Each meal should identify their allergens, sometimes
Understand what to do. When the wheezing sound
milk and soya these are quite common allergens in many people. Remember to take glass of warm water every 2 hours and remember that after eating food, drinking a mouthful of warm water to wash away the throat is most essential. Now understand what to do when you are having an attack. When your mind goes very often to your breath that you're feeling difficulty in breathing and there is a wheezing sound.
and you will feel very much rejuvenated and
comes, when you feel little difficulty in breathing, don't do any other activities. And then sit straight and watch. Usually the attack goes away but if it doesn't go away then immediately take inhaler to dilate and see that you are relaxed. After relaxation, Sit in Nispand Bhava and just relax. Forget your body. Listen to some sound, which is in the outside world and just, sit still quietly fit. Then you can start doing your activity.
triggers and be conscious of your triggers.
When there is congestion what helps is mustard oil with campher mix mustard oil with campher and massage your back. The rib on your back should be massage so that breathing becomes fuller. This would really loosen up the phlem and it would ease breathing. Boil water with Caram seeds, ajwine and this water could be inhaled. This would help dilating the bronchial passage. First step is observe yourself. Find out what Avoid those triggers for sometime. Strengthen
as lemon for some people. When they have pineapple
your system first and then those triggers also will not bother you. These are not triggers, which you have to be careful about for the whole lifetime they come and they go. The problem comes and problem goes, you have to become strong. You should be better. You should inhale better do your Asana and Pranayama regularly and once you are strong and fit, nothing will bother you. If some of the triggers are in some diet like some people have trigger a curd or some people have trigger
affected by any triggers in life. When triggers
they get attacked. So find out what is that food which causes instant irritation. Avoid that food for sometimes till you get stronger and then the same food you will be able to eat, start with little and then eat regularly. Learn to know your triggers. Be mindful of them. Manage with them and you will be able to overcome entire problem of asthma. Asthma problem can be handled very well. You can prevent, you can strengthen your system and become stronger and capable not to get are mental triggers, you have to become more

stronger. Remain balanced, always remain happy and cheerful always. Asthma is known for having a panted anger. Don't get angry on any situation in life. Everybody is justified for their behavior. Understand this and accept people as they are and be happy with them.