Take care of your pineal gland by doing this

Since ancient times,yogis have always given
much importance to the space between these
two eyebrows. This is the space,where some
of the yogis believe,that our soul resides,and
this Pineal Gland is a pea sized organ which
is situated between 2 hemispheres of our brain,this
spot is also referred to as one of the chakras
that is also called as Ajnachakra,which is
represented by two petals and these 2 petals
automatically symbolizes the 2 hemispheres
of our brain.This is a source of the mystical
dimension of our life.There are many mystical
sides of this gland and that’s why it becomes
very interesting to know about this.Do you
know,that apart from our eye cells,even pineal
gland cells are light sensitive,hence it is
known to regulate our biological clock,since
it can sense light and darkness and at night
when you close your eyes,everything is dark
and in that state,pineal gland relases melatonin,that
is a hormone and this hormone regulates our
biological clock.So it works in many mysterious
ways and holds may mysteries too .Sage Vyas
says that there is an invisible hole in this
region,which is luminous,spreads light and
it spreads coronal light,by focusing on this
light,he says he can see beings between earth
and the higher spaces,so it is believed that
this gland connects the person to the higher
world,even Maharshi Patanjali in the 3rd chapter
of Yog Sutra,sutra#32 says,murdhajyotishi
siddhadarshanam,that is while focusing on
this coronal light,you have a vision of siddhas,hence
some practioners of yoga says,that while meditating
over here at this region they can see bright
light and they just enjoy being in that state,so
pineal gland for sure is no ordinary organ,it
has a greater role to play in our metaphysical
and spiritual dimension,meditation can activate
this organ to its full potential.Here are
some techniques which you can do to make your
pineal gland reach to its full potential and
to give you the benefits.
1 ) Keeping Awareness on your forehead – our
body works like this,wherever you attention
goes,that part starts functioning better,so
bring your awareness to your forehead region,there
are other simple simple activities we do naturally
in our lives that awareness goes there,ladies
put this over here,men put tika over there,awareness
remain there as this part becomes little tight,all
the sadhus also put good amount of Chandan
in this space so that that part is very different
then all the other parts ,so these are the
simple simple ways in which people develop
awareness of that place,but yoga talks about
a very simple technique which you should practice
,sit in a meditative pose,close your eyes
and now with closed eyes , roll your eyes
towards this place,stay in that position,internally
you are looking at this place,in the beginning
people may feel a little headache,but by practice
you will not feel that,you will feel very
comfortable,rolling your eyes at this place,stay
in this position for sometime and that would
be very good.
2 ) Light Management – In nature,as the
sun sets ,the bright light goes away and things
get darker and that’s the time pineal gland
would slowly start becoming active,but now
what do we do?The moment sun sets,our lights
are much much more brighter and we remain
in that bright light for long time,rather
at night we are more active,actually nature
helps us,days meant for work,night is meant
for rest,but we don’t follow this natural
path and we create problems to see that our
bodies don’t function well.Now what do we
do?the moment sun sets,we have our own lights
and the room becomes absolutely bright,our
life becomes more bright,we start using mobile,television
and that blue light of mobile keeps us still
more bright and active,so what you should
do?see to it that you sleep a little early,that
you dim your lights atleast 1 hour before
you go to bed and that would help you to give
you a good sleep,this pineal gland would help
you to sleep really well.So don’t use your
mobile phones and computers atleast one hour
before you go to sleep .
3 ) Eye Exercise – as pineal gland is closely
associated with your eyes and head it is always
better to keep your eyes healthy.Do these
following tratak exercises.There are few eye
exercises that you should do,one is look at
your palm,which is closer distance and then
see some object which is far from you,looking
over here,looking over there,go on doing this
30-50 times,a good eye exercise. 2nd exercise,rotate
your eyes from right to left and left to right,rolling
your eyes,third,take your eyes on your shoulder,so
right shoulder to left shoulder.4th,look at
the tip of your nose,5th,look at the centre
of your eyebrows,so all these rolling of eyes
at different places would help in strengthening
the muscles which are holding your eyeballs,do
these eye exercise,these exercise will keep
your eyes in a healthy state and hence it
would keep the pineal gland also active and
healthy.In our life we are busy throughout
using our eyes,it is very very actively used,we
use so much energy through our eyes,but there
is a 3rd eye which is observing what your
eyes are looking at and what your mind is
thinking about,so try and become aware of
that,try and have harmony in nature,try and
be with the harmony in this biological clock
and live correctly.