How to clean your intestine through natural home remedy

Do you know that your intestine may contain food particles
which you had eaten more than one year back? Faulty food habits, faulty lifestyle and indigestion can

clean your intestine

cause accumulation of food in your intersect.
And these accumulated food can become toxin
and would be responsible for many diseases
in our system like skin problem, cancer, Mal
absorption and indigestion. And it is highly
essential to detox your colon. Here are some
easy ways to do it. Number one, shankhprakshalan
This is one of the most effective kriya to
clean the entire small intestine and large
intestine So Let's do first the preparation.
Early in the morning with empty stomach, you
have to have a practically 10 glasses of boiled
warm water and in that water put salt. The
proportion of salt should be like a proportion
of your tear. How salty your tear grass that
much salty the water should be. And now take
one or 2 long breaths. Start drinking this
water practically three glasses of water you
can drink and then do some body movement,
some asanas to see that it really turns in
the stomach can pass this down to small and
large intestine. So now the list of asanas
I would recommend few asana, but 1st, talasana
stand straight. Raise your arms up inhale
fully. Go on your toe. Stay there for some
time and come back rotating your arms. This
is six times full inhalation stretching and
coming back in normal position. Second, like
konasana, interlace your figure, stretch your
arms up and then go to the side. So breathe
in. Go to the side so you are bending on the
side and pressing your abdomen from this side.
Come back and do it on the other side. Do
this six times again. Breathing in, breathing
out. Breathing in, breathing out. So this
is second asana. Third asana could be the
vakrasana stand staright. Take your legs together
here, stretch your arms straight and then
twist. Go to the side. So here you are twisting
your abdomen. So go to the side and come back.
Go on the other side and come back. So while
breathing out, you are going to the side while
breathing in, you are coming back. Do the
same on the other side. Do the same on the
other side. So this also should be done 6
4th asana should be kattichakras where you
are again twisting but looking as back as
possible with one hand on your shoulder, another
hand behind. So do these movements where really
your spine, the middle vertebral column are
getting twisted and so the abdomen. So this
katti chakrasana. Also you should do six times,
5th variation is Triyaka bhujansana with little
variant twisting variants. So lie down on
your stomach, raise your head up while inhaling
and then look back to see your big toe on
one side and then
on the other side. So this is how you are
twisting your upper head from one side to
another side by which you are twisting your
stomach intestines and so on to do this, it's
the beautiful practice. And finally sit in
vajrasana position.
It's like an abdominal compression and move
one knee up and another knee pressing to the
other side. So it is like bringing knees up
and down with little pressure on each other.
So this is something where you are squeezing
your stmach and giving a pressure on your
stomach. Sitting is beautiful. So try and
do these simple asanas repeatedly in between.
If you feel like passing out, you have a feeling
that the motion is coming. Go and evacuate
your bowel . Again, again drink water.
But always remember that whenever you are
drinking water you are drinking sip bicep,
not just gulping it has to be slow and sip
by sip.
So drink water again, two glasses and again
do all these
asanas. Whenever you feel pressure that you
want to pass out motion, you should immediately
go and pass out motion. So this sort of activity
should go on and on till, the water which
comes out from your anus becomes absolutely
clean water without any color. And this shows
that your entire Elementary canal is totally
clean, washed well and it is free from toxins.
This shankhprakshalan you should do on a holiday
where you don't have to rush to work, you
will be feeling tired
because it is something very different from
your body. But body would definitely be detox.
The food which you would be eating for two
days would be
nothing as but sufficient amount of fruit,
sufficient amounts of boiled vegetables where
vegetables don't have any spices, chili, masalas
or anything. Onion, garlic. All these things
should not be there non veg, which is out
question and lemon juice, butter milk, diluted,
belt. These are the things which you should
be eating for two days. Little little time
that is four times in a day.
But what is important is good rest. You should
be lying down in Shavasana. You should be
lying down in makrasana. You should sit and
relax in this nispandbhava. You should be
doing only these things for two days.
Rest thoroughly well, sufficiently well. Then
you will notice that from third day onward
your energy would be boosting. You would be
full of energy, positivity, enthusiasm and
strength in food. Be very clear that don't
eat any packeted food, any price of oily stuff,
spicy stuff.
Just avoid that. Be clean from within, fibrous
from within. And that would be wonderful.
At one point all of you should remember that
when you do
this shankhprakshalan , you should not force
yourself in drinking too much water. Whatever
is your body capacity, try to see that you
only that. But if you feel uneasy, stop it.
asanas also, whatever your capacity is, do
that. If you feel fatigued the tired stop
it. And this is how slowly, slowly with patience
you should do this practice and this would
give you very good result in some cases.
The Constitution is so different that they
may not pass stool only. Don't worry. Your
body would be urinating and urinating, and
body will take care of all these things.
But cleanliness , that definitely will happen
in one or 2 days. We will notice that everything
is clear and fine. This Shankhprakshalan practice
should not be done so repeatedly maximum once
in a month.
But I would say when you feel after 3, 4 months
that you have with eating wrong food very
often, or your body has lots of toxins, then
you do it according to your requirement, but
not regularly in any case. Well, those who
have very severe ulcer problem when acidity
has gone so bad that it is creating ulcer
problems should not do this. Those who have
heart problems should never try this out.
Second technique to clean your entire intestine.
is fibrous food. Fibrous food is something
which people ignore because they have to choose.
This takes time and so they want to ignore
it. But understand, these fibres Act like
a scrub brush which brushes away all the unwanted
things from the intestine, and hence it helps
in preventing constipation and colon cancer.
Try to add more vegetables and fruits in your
diet because they are very rich in fibres.
All these things like salads, which we can
eat regularly. It could be cucumber. It could
be tomato.
It could be carrot, should be eaten regularly.
Cut small slices and with little lemon peeling
on that and little salt touch.
You can really eat these things. It is very
good. Second plate of fruit must be one meal
of your day.
As far as possible, it could be either just
breakfast or it could be evening snack. a
full plate of fruits like Apple, papaya, banana,
mosambi, santara, depending upon the season.
The other fruit should be taken very regularly.
It could be in the evening at snack time.
Just fruits and lemon juice. That would be
your best snack time.
Or sometimes some people may have it in the
morning or between two meals, say by 10 to
11 you can have a plate of roof separately,
but use this and that would help in good fibre
into your system. Third, the detox substance
is lemon juice. Studies show that vitamin
C is highly effective, in cleaning
colon. So have a glass of warm water with
Squeeze it early in the morning. understand
one thing very clearly that hydration is very
important for the health of colon. So make
sure that you drink enough water throughout
the day. Proper hydration works wonders. But
remember, you should always drink water when
you are
thirsty. We should drink water ship by ship
and not gulp it. Sit and drink water. But
water should be given importance in your day
to day activity.
Half a hour before your food.
Remember and drink a glass of water and one
hour after your food. Also remember and drink
one glass of water and which means you must
have a glassful of some liquid in the morning.
Herbal drink in the afternoon, Buttermilk
in the evening,
lemon juice again and at night a big Bowl
of soup. And first thing in the morning, again
a lemon juice. You start your day with that
your body would be naturally hydrated
and it would help removing all the toxin from
your system. 4th Probiotic like curd or undoubtedly
is the best food for your gut health. The
Lactobacillus enzyme prevent all such problems
like flatulent, indigestion and all other
digestive issues, and it helps in proper bowel
movement proper absorption, assimilation,
and thereby health in clearing your intestine.
5th point mandukasana this is one of such
an asana when you give intraabdominal
compression very, very effectively. There
are three variations in these three variations.
First variation is keep your palm over your
navel , another about that palm. And then
breathe in, stretch your body, breathe out
and bend forward to try to touch your head
to the ground. So here the hand is pressing
inward and you are staying in
that position for some time, and you are coming
back. You are giving four abdominal pressure.
Second, bring your hands in this position
where the fingertips are touching each other,
last two fingers downward and the thumb on
the upper area So you are holding your stomach
And then you are bending forward is the same
position, staying there for some times and
coming up. And the third variation is you
clench your wrists if it's below, Navel on
both the sides and then press it strongly
on your summer. And while that bending forward,
change that position for
sometimes where you are really very fresh
down and coming up. Relax. So these are the
variation of Mandukasana. And this would really
help in cleansing your abdomen. Your small
intestine, as well as your large intestine
great extents, colon and hygiene would be
maintained very perfectly. Remember, your
gut health largely determines your overall
health only when you have proper digestion,
proper absorption, and proper elimination.
Then your body is going to absorb all the
nutrients very perfectly. And because of that,
you will be strong and healthy.
But when these things don't happen properly,
that deposited toxin are going to create havoc
in your health. Right Some kid problem to
hair fall down to blood pressure, hypertension,
diabetes, asthma to many other disease, joint
pain, to name any disease, it would create
that toxins. Unhygienic condition is going
to create unhygienic atmosphere in our body.
And so see to it that we follow all these
instructions which we have given you right
now. Follow it systematically and see that
you are clean internally. Mind has to remain
clean in any case. And this will happen when
you will be full of energy full of positivity.
And that is possible with all these techniques.
So try and see that you stay clean internally.
Have a clean thought. have a clean feeling
and have a positive energy with you.
So take charge of yourself. Stay healthy namaskar