Do this to cure impotency

rectile dysfunction is a condition when a man finds a difficulty in having an erection. In men this condition is growing very fast in today's hectic a

Today we are going to discuss about a very
sensitive issue and this is regarding sexual
disorder, erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction
is a condition when a man finds a difficulty
in having an erection. In men this condition
is growing very fast in today's hectic and
sedentary life. There are many causes to it.

cure impotency

Major ones are depression, diabetes, high
blood pressure, obesity and weak nervous system.
And these conditions can also lead to some
other issues like chaos in married life, stress
and low self-esteem. Here are some ways through
which you can overcome this condition. Number
one: walking. According to one Harvard study,
just 30 minutes of walk in a day can reduce
the risk of getting ED - erectile dysfunction
by 41%. So, walk at least 30 minutes a day
or 5 to 6 kilometres a day. If you are obese,
then walking can definitely help in reducing
your obesity and overweight. And you should
remember that obesity is one of the major
cause for ED - erectile dysfunction. Second,
exercise your pelvic floor muscles. The most
important aspect of erection is increase blood
supply and involvement of this pelvic floor
muscles. So, there are certain asanas in yoga
which would strengthen your pelvic muscles
and increase circulation also in that region.
One asana is Adho Mukha Svanasana. Second
asana is Setu Bandhasana. Third asana is Viparitkarni.
Fourth, very effective posture is Malasana.
Fifth asana is called Matsyasana. Food plays
a very big importance in your general wellbeing,
in your total strength. Third point: dietary
remedies. Certain foods, if taken systematically,
can really help in this ED. Among food, first
is drumsticks. Consume drumsticks. Drumstick
possesses aphrodisiac properties, which helps
in improving libido and treating ED. It also
helps you improving your testosterone level,
thereby increasing sexual virality. Ayurveda
recommends along with drumstick to eat even
drumstick flowers and leaves, which really
helps increasing the sperm count and thereby
helping to solve the problem of ED - erectile
dysfunction. Second, in Ayurveda, which is
strongly mentioned is ashwagandha. Ashwagandha
is an ancient medicinal herb which is well
known for its treatment on sexual disorders.
Ashwagandha is also aphrodisiac in nature,
and it helps in re-establishing sexual strength
in bed. Ashwagandha is easily available in
any of these Ayurveda shops. Take half a spoon
of ashwagandha powder or paste, mix it with
warm milk and take it before going to bed.
Do this for a month and see its result. Third
food, which would be recommended is spinach.
Spinach is a super source of folate, which
is a known blood flow booster. Folic acid
plays a critical role in male sexual functioning
and its deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction.
So, consume spinach and make it a part of
your diet and see its effect. Fourth is almond.
Almond is a rich source of vitamin E and a
storehouse of healthy fat, which gives tremendous
amount of energy to cope up with all the weaknesses
and it improves your blood circulation. Take
grated almond in a glass full of hot milk
before going to bed, and that would be good.
But if you are allergic to milk or something,
then soak almond for 4 to 6 hours and then
chew them up before going to bed. Along with
all these foods, add more fruits and vegetables
to give a good amount of supply of minerals
and vitamins to your body so body would be
healthier and better to perform well. Try
and avoid alcohol, tobacco, and even junk
food. Fourth point: swipe away your stress.
Stress is one of the major factors for any
disorder and sexual disorder, definitely.
The studies show that marriage time is the
most strenuous time of an individual's life
because emotionally, physically, from all
angle, person is under stress. And then immediately
after marriage, to perform sexual activity
becomes very impossible. And then what happens?
A girl thinks that man is impotent. Impotency
and ED, they connect together. They don't
realize that ED is natural. When two humans
are close to each other under stress, ED is
going to be there. But impotency, no. The
reason for impotency is very different. Impotency
occurs because of maybe some tumor in the
gonads. Or because person is having mumps
in older age that causes impotency. It is
totally a structural problem that can't be
solved at all. The problem, which usually
people face is ED - erectile dysfunction.
Try and have more relaxing activities, like
going out in nature, being in garden flowers,
fruits, singing, dancing. All these things
are most important to bring relaxation and
joy in life. And slowly slowly that love is
built, happiness is built. And then all the
activities become very natural. This erectile
dysfunction is the thing which can be solved
very easily. It is not something which is
a permanent problem, but a time has to be
given depending upon the personalities of
two individual, you need time. So take care.
Do your job well. Don't take negative approach
in life. Well, regain your strength and stamina,
uplift yourself. Have confidence, have joy,
have love, and be happy.