5 Thoughts Every Morning Will Change Your Life

Just create one thought everyday and you will get wonderful results.
Every morning when you pray or meditate
Just create one thought and visualise it. Let's do it now.
Visualise that God's purity, power are coming on to me as rays.
And it has created a circle around me.
We need to create our own protective shield.
God's purity and power
Makes a circle of energy around me.
Then create a thought - Within this circle, nobody else's thought can enter.
Nobody thought can enter my energy circle.
Whose energy is the only energy that I have?
Whose energy am I surrounded by?
By God's power and blessings.
Create a very form thought. These are just 2 thoughts which can change our destiny.
If we create a thought - Nobody's thought can enter my energy circle.
That is one thought.
But if we create a thought - Everyone I meet seems to have a problem with me.
There are two completely different thoughts.
So the circle of God's purity and power surrounding me
Nobody else's thought can enter inside this energy circle.
I have only and only the energy received from God.
And what is the energy they will get from me?
What is the energy that will radiate from me to them?
God's energy which is present in my energy circle, is what radiates to them. Finished.
I am also safe. You are also safe.
We can do this everyday.
We can do it for our family
We can do it for our children and for our home everyday.
Just like how we set up electric fence so that no one can enter inside it.
Create an electric fence with your mind.
That God's purity and power are circled around my house.
Not just anyone's negative energy, but no other energy
No other energy can enter my house.
My house has only God's energy in it.
And my house radiates only that energy.
Protect yourself, protect your children
Protect your circle, protect your home
Even when you sit in your car, create that thought and protect your car.
Nobody can touch your vehicle and create a dent thereafter.
Because that circle does not let any negativity reach it.
That is one way of living.
Another way of living is to just leave our energies open.
And then we fill it with everyone's energy
Thereby we deplete our energy.
The power is here in the mind. It depends on what we are thinking here.
Can we do it now? Create a thought and see it happening.
Energy is only a thought.
And that is why we have to be very careful with our every thought.
Our one thought can take us to a very elevated state.
And other one thought can take our vibration to a very low frequency.
So think very carefully.
Now together we will see
We will create thoughts and let us say it together.
God's purity
Let us say it together so that it gets recorded.
God's purity
Is a very beautiful circle around me.
See that circle around you.
Very high vibration, Pure white circle around me.
This is my protection shield.
Now say - Nobody's thought can enter inside the circle.
From me they will get
Only and only
God's blessings.
I am protected.
They are safe.
Simple. Destiny changed.
Can we do this everyday?
Can we do it for our home?
Can we do it for our family? Yes.
The biggest protection lies here.
There has been research conducted
It is a study that the accidents that happened
From the study it is evident that the accidents that happen on road
It happens with those people who think - I hope I don't meet with an accident.
People who overthink that they should not fall ill, their chances of falling ill is high.
This is a law of energy, of vibration.
Whatever we think is the energy we radiate.
Thoughts create our reality.
Thoughts manifest thoughts become a reality.
So we need to think carefully.
We don't need to speak carefully but before that we need to think carefully.
If we think carefully, then we don't need to pay attention on what we speak.
Because it is our thoughts which come out into words.
So my every thought affects my feelings, health and relationship.
And the last stage or last effect of thoughts is on?
It first reached our feelings, our health, our relationships
Lastly where does it reach?
Into the environment.
Today if we need to check the energy of this hall
How can it be checked?
There are 2,000 minds seated in this hall right now.
If you put 2,000 minds together
Whatever will be the state of the combined minds
That is the energy of this hall.
We call this collective consciousness.
How can we check the energy of Hyderabad?
The state of mind of everyone residing in Hyderabad.
Go to a small village
Where life is simple, there is no hurry, no worry, nothing much happening.
Where people are very easy and light.
How will the energy of that village be?
It will be different.
When will leave the city and go to that village
We will be influenced by the energy of that village.
How will we start feeling? Easy.
We create the collective consciousness.
Whether it is the energy of our house
Energy of our office
Energy of our city
Energy of our country
Or energy of our world.
So my mind creates my world.
If I want to change my world
I will have to change my?
If I have to change the world
I will have to change my mind.
That is why it is the seed.
This is the seed and the rest is our tree.
Today we are putting effort and working on the tree.
Our health, our relationships, our work - We are working on the tree.
Will it take longer to water the tree or to water the seed?
Which one takes longer to water - the tree or the seed?
The tree takes longer to be washed. We need to wash every leaf, every fruit, every flower.
We water the side of the tree and the other side gets dried by then.
Which means you take care of the office and your family gets angry.
You take one day holiday for your family and your colleagues get angry.
The tree can never be happy. Somebody or the other will be angry or upset all the time.
So we need to water the seed.
But sometimes unaware, we say -
I have no time for myself.
There are three aspects to life: self, family, and work.
What should be the sequence?
Self, family, work?
Work, family, self?
Work, family, self?
Family, work, self?
Self, family, work?
We know everything. We just need to start doing it from today.
Which means water the seed - the self.
Which means take care of the mind.
There are two ways of living.
Either situation will influence our state of mind.
Our mind will influence our situation.
Which one is true?
Our mind affects situation?
Or situations affect our mind?
Which one is true?
How many of us get affected by the situation?
What is the equation?
Who is creating the situation?
I am creating the situation.
If I allow the situation to overpower me
Please have this very clear and then use it every time.
If I allow the situation to overpower me
I lose my power to overpower the situation.
Between the two, who will overpower whom?
If I allow the situation to overpower me
What will happen to my power of handling the situation?
So whenever there is a situation in life
Immediately we need to minimise the situation and make ourselves bigger.
What should we do for that?
Whenever there is a situation what should we say about its size?
What is the size of the situation?
We need to make the situation small and rise above it.
So what is the size of the situation? What should we say about it?
Just look at your own home. Whenever there is an issue
One family member will say it is such a big issue.
There is such a big problem at home.
The second family member will say yes, there is an issue.
There is an issue at home.
The third family member will say it is such a small thing after all. Nothing big at all.
The fourth family member will say where is issue? I don't see any issue.
Where is the problem? This is just a part of life.
So whether it is a huge crisis, a big problem
A problem, a small problem
Or not a problem at all
Why do problems have different weights like this?
Because it depends on my power.
Somebody will say this is a very heavy table.
Somebody will say it is heavy.
Somebody will say it is just table, and the other will say it is very light.
Depending on how physically strong they are.
If you want to reduce the magnitude of the situation
So never call it as such a big problem
As soon as you say that, the situation will overpower you.
So immediately what should you say and do?
The line is that our thoughts create our reality. So be careful of the first thought.
As soon as there is a situation, the first thought
What should be the thought? What is the size of the situation?
Let us prepare the thought today itself.
What thought will you create as soon as there's a situation?
There is no problem at all.
God teaches us
Some people make a mountain out of a situation.
And then they keep looking at that mountain they created, and keep getting scared.
First they themselves convert it into a mountain, with their thoughts.
And then they keep getting scared by looking at that mountain.
Look at the equation God is teaching us
Convert a mountain into a mustard seed.
Convert it into a mustard seed.
Convert the mountain into a mustard seed.
And then convert that mustard seed into cotton.
And then blow that cotton away.
That is the power of our thoughts.
But if we don't take care of our thoughts
Even a simple thing like if she said one line to me
When I go up to another person and the way I say about it to her will decide my feeling.
Do you even know what happened today?
The other person will be wondering what is it she wants to convey.
This is how we magnify the problem.
Our mind has the power
It can either magnify the problem
Or whatever is the size of the problem, the mind can look at it at that same size.
Or the mind can make the problem very small.
All those lenses are here.
So whenever you are thinking about the situation
Or sharing about it with someone
First of all, check your language.
Never say - Do you know how big the problem is?
Do you know what they did? After that do you know what happened?...
This energy
Allows the other person to overpower us.
And our capacity gets finished.
Our capacity to take the problem in our hands and finish it.
Even if somebody has done the most terrible thing that they can do to you.
And even if the whole world tells you that they were so wrong to you.
Tell them - Nothing has happened, there is no problem.
Such small things keep happening in life. What is there in it?
Even the other person becomes quiet with this response of yours.
Bring down the energy, bring down the situation, bring down the negativity of the other person.
And elevate your own state of mind much higher.
When the state of mind is elevated, there can be no obstacle in life.
But when we deplete our energy
And magnify the situation that is in front of us
Then gradually, every scene of life will start seeming very big.
Does it happen or not?
How many of you have met people who magnify situations while narrating them to you?
Don't they magnify?
Some people magnify about their health.
Some people magnify their work related issues.
Some other people magnify issues in their relationship.
Somebody had a small difference of opinion in their house today.
When they are sharing it with the other person they will say
They just can't get along. Everyday there is an issue with them.
They always are like this. We add the word "always" very casually.
Never do that. Every word carries certain energy.
Suppose that sister get angry once in 5 days.
If I think she gets angry everyday.
And then if I go and tell someone that she is such an angry person
Whenever you see her, she is angry.
Actually she would get angry only once in 5 days.
Can you see how the interpretation can go on?
Can you see how energy is getting multiplied?
I speak like this
I will share it with them, they will add something more to it
And they will say she cannot live without getting angry
When energy circulates like a game of Chinese Whisper
All of us are affected. The maximum harm is caused to the person about whom we are speaking.
Each of you identify just one situation from your life right now.
Look for any one thing.
Your nature, your health
A conflict in one of your relationships
Someone is troubling you a little in life
There is some problem in your job
Correct your vocabulary about that situation today.
Bring down the magnitude of that situation.
And you rise way above that situation.
I am a pure, powerful
Divine being.
I am the child of the all-powerful God.
My thoughts manifest my reality.
I manifest my destiny.
In my life
There is a small scene right now
And I am certain
I am certain
My success is guaranteed.
My health is perfect.
My relationships are beautiful.
My family is united.
Success is certain for me.
As you keep repeating this
Our own vibration
Will start rising way above the vibration of the situation.
Let us set our thought based on our individual, personal situation.
How many of you were able to do it? It was easy? Easy.
Was it easy or not?
Yes or no? Easy?
Can you do it everyday?
Yes you can.
When we create a very high vibration thought for any situation
This is called as giving a blessing.
Blessing means high vibration thought
Dua means a blessing.
If we bless every thing and every situation
If we bless every person
If we bless our body
Which means if we create high energy thoughts and words for everyone
What will happen to everything around?
When everything here in the mind is a high energy
How will everything here become?
They will all become fine.
Blessing is not something to be given only on occasions.
Blessing is not meant to be given only on festivals, birthdays, Diwali or Eid.
Our every thought and every word should be a blessing.
When blessing becomes our language
Then this world will change and there will be heaven on earth.
We talk about making this planet a Paradise.
Heaven means high vibration collective consciousness.
What is paradise? What is heaven?
Highest vibration. How will the highest vibration get created?
When there is highest vibration here in all of us.
Blessing for everyone.