3 Habits thst drains Emotional energy

The first thought that occurred, to discuss today.

Is a thought.

Every thought has an effect.

I was contemplating that every thought has an effect on every cell of the body.

Every cell of our body gets influenced.

When we explored more about thoughts, we understood that

Thoughts create destiny.

Not only of this lifetime but it influences even the next lifetimes.

It also influences our surroundings and relationships.

The environment at home.

The most important effect is on my Aura.

Very beautiful. You mentioned about destiny.

When a child is born we say but child has brought his destiny along with him.

That is why destiny is not only of this birth.

When a child is born, he has not yet done any Karma.

But still we say that child has brought his destiny with him.

The day he is born, his horoscope gets prepared.

What does the horoscope have?

It is his balance sheet.

Of his Karmic account up to the last moment of his previous birth.

Like in a bank.

The closing balance of a business on 31st March.

Becomes the opening balance on 1st April for that business.

We cannot start 1st April with a blank and brand-new balance sheet.

It starts with the closing balance of the previous day.

That is why in our next birth

The opening balance of a child who is just born

Based on the closing balance - after the last Karma which he had done in his previous costume.

So it is not just destiny of one lifetime but gets carried forward.

We used to do so many things justifying that these are small things.

We would think there will be no consequence to them.

I found a beautiful quote to share.

Which talks about consequences.

In every given day

How many times do we abstain

From gossip and slander

And prejudices

And forming judgments.

Is important.

It is in these little things

Inconsequential to most people

Where the real spirituality of an individual shines through.


Let's look at the four things mentioned


Slander, prejudice and judgement.


Is when we discuss other people's weaknesses.

Or if there is something going on in their life, we discuss and give our opinion to other people.

We make fun and even criticize.

We may not even speak of anything positive about them.

Often it's not even that.

Often we only discuss somebody else.

Gossip means we say something like - Do you know what is going on in that house?

Do you know this happened in their house.

Do you know their kids scored very low marks.

Do you know that their daughter's marriage is not getting fixed.

No criticism.

No making fun also. Only gossip.

So it is only about sitting as a group and discussing about somebody else.

Second word mentioned in the quote is slander.

In this case, putting down somebody.

Or criticizing them.

Third is prejudice.

Prejudice means you are favouring one person over the other.

It could be prejudice about a religion.

Or it could be about a caste.

It could also be prejudice towards a gender.

Or prejudice towards a political party.

The fourth word is judgement.

For example if we look at somebody's Sanskars

And keep thinking about it.

All these four are very powerful. If we check for them in our life

It says we need to check every day.

If we check how far we abstain from all these 4 things in a day.

Like we say that we abstain from alcohol, smoking or non-vegetarian food.

We should abstain from these 4 things.

We feel they are inconsequential.

Most of us.

We feel they are inconsequential, there is nothing wrong in engaging in these 4.

The last line is very beautiful.

It is there where your spirituality will shine.

If we abstain from these 4 things

The four which a majority of the world feels are inconsequential.

It is there where your spirituality will shine.

It means whatever seems common for people to do.


They say it is normal. We discussed it last time about what all gets classified as normal way of living.

Let me be normal.

So whatever people consider as normal.

If you want to lead a spiritual life

Where you are divine personality shines

Then we need to abstain from these things classified as normal.

I have seen in our society

There is a person who is always aware of what happens in everybody's house.

So his personality doesn't have any substance because of the way he talks about everybody and everything.

Now I need to understand the damage created by these 4 things.

Even his face has changed due to his personality.

If we talked to him he might say he did not say anything wrong about people.

He will say that he did not criticize people. He will justify that he only spoke of what is happening.

That is why the line said that it is not going to be wrong for most people.

In Kalyug we need to remember

That we ourselves need to create a definition of Normal.

Depending on what path we choose to walk on.

Suppose somebody is priority in life is to earn money.

That could be his top priority in life.

So that businessman's definition of normal will be completely different.

He will want to earn, no matter what.

Because is number one priority is earning money.

Likewise somebody else's priority could be to increase soul power.

Somebody's priority could be that the Treasure inside.

The values and powers of the soul

And some scars of the soul are to be purified.

So he wants to increase soul power as a Priority.

So the definition of normal for these two people can never be the same.

In fact their definition of normal could be completely opposite.

That is why the line said - what will be inconsequential to most.

When we live in the society with friends and relatives.

In our own family.

Even in families we sit together and discuss so many things.

Which will be normal for them.

This we have to underline that it will be normal for them.

But if my priority in life is that

I should purify my Sanskar send whiten my Aura

Then that cannot be normal for me.

For example you worked very hard to become an actor.

So you must have given up on so many things also in the process.

You mentioned that you needed to do voice over during your initial years.

How much did you have to practice?

You would have spent the whole day rehearsing and practicing.

Other people at home were not doing it with you.

Somebody would be taking rest, somebody else would be sleeping and another would have gone for a walk or watching TV.

But you were working hard.

So that moment their definition of normal

Was different from your definition.

Maybe they even asked you why you were practicing it the whole day.

And questioned why you were practicing so hard without taking a break to go out, to relax or even to watch TV.

You did not listen to them because what was your priority?

You knew that you had to work hard to achieve what you wanted.

That effort which you put in at that time.

The effort you put in over a period of time then

Changed your destiny.

If you had not worked so hard at that time?

If you look that others and said - they are sleeping, let me also sleep.

They are having fun, let me also have fun.

I am having to work so hard. What life is this?

The whole day is going away practice.

Your destiny would have changed if you are not putting that effort.

You put in effort in every field.

Today if somebody is a singer.

If they set a Priority of how far they want to go in that field.

They give up so many other things.

And practice so hard.

They don't stay up late at night and they wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to practice.

They need to take care of their throat.

Practice is the most important aspect.

As you said they cannot afford to sleep late at night. They wake up very early in the morning.

They start practicing at 4 A.M.

They don't drink anything which is very cold so that take care of the throat.

All these things are normal by definition of other people.

We can afford to sleep late at night.

We can wake up late in the morning.

Consuming anything cold is not wrong at all for most people.

Others don't have to wake up early to practice.

So what happens to the definition of normal of both people?

Completely different.

That is the reason we can't look at other people and create a definition of normal.

If a singer looks at other people and starts sleeping late at night.

If he wakes up late, doesn't practice, takes cold drinks, and if his throat goes bad

If there is a problem in the vocal cord. Then what happens to the purpose of life which he had chosen?

That line mentioned -  that people who pay attention to the four things

Who abstain from doing what other people feel is normal.

They are the ones who will shine spiritually.

We need to prepare a purpose of life.

Otherwise it is not possible. Spirituality is very easy.

But we also need to pay attention.

Self control and discipline.

Changing a Sanskar is very very simple.

But we need to pay attention too.

It is very easy to increase soul power.

But if we parallely start depleting it.

Then it can never increase.

It is like oil continuously falling drop by drop.

We don't need to go fast or slow down, but we need to keep going.

We shouldn't deplete power.

The four things mentioned - talking about other people.

Let's look at this simple thing - gossip.

Talking and are discussing with other people about somebody.

Even if you are not with a group of people

For example while reading a magazine we talk to ourselves

When we read about what somebody did. And we start questioning his actions in our mind.

Thinking about other people.

When we read about gossips in magazines and newspapers.

Or on social media. Often the gossip written is incorrect.

Whether it is right or wrong is not the point.

He has not said wrong gossip or false gossip.

He has said gossip.

Once when I was with my Guru discussing something, I spoke about somebody.

He said only one line - the other is hell.

Now I understand what he meant.

If we create thoughts about others

Then you are in hell.

Why? The more we think about other people.

We have seen this earlier also - whomever we remember

Our frequency matches with their frequency.

The vibrations of their state of mind

We will start receiving them.

Whether or not we are consciously aware, we will start receiving it.

That is why we were taught - to remember God.

Why should we remember God?

Why should I chant his name or remember him often?

Why should we remember him?

Because as long as we remember him, with whom will our frequency get connected?

With Him.

And as long as our frequency is connected with Him

We raise our frequency.

Because his frequency is so high.

For however long we are connected to the highest frequency

Our frequency also starts increasing.

And we will be in heaven.

But if we remember lower frequencies.

If we think of lower frequencies

Or if we just discuss about them

At that time which frequency are we connected to?

So our frequency also reduces to match it.

You mentioned about inconsequential.

I got a thought just now.

If I even say that my son is not doing something right

Or find fault with whatever he does

Is that not a label on him?

This is being judgmental.

If I do not like what he is doing

I may not be criticizing him.

You are not agreeing with their way of living.

We don't find it right.

There is no point in continuously thinking about so many small things.

It is better to go and speak to them.

So that you finished the topic.

Instead of that if we go on thinking about it

However inconsequential it may be the most people

They may seem very little to me.

But if my path is towards spirituality.

Anything which will bring down our frequency.

At least in this case we can see that we are unhappy with them.

That we are not happy with what they are doing

Or we don't like something about them.

We can at least see these things.

We start sulking at simple things also these days.

The today's children are different, we were not like them.

There is so much of cribbing and complaining going on non stop.

So what happens to the vibration?

And although I didn't want to do it

I would also repeat these things.

You will get the impression from somewhere or the other.

I would feel also that it is not my own experience

But still I would make judgements about somebody

How did I say it? At least I should say

That somebody told me that this man is not good, but I personally don't know.


Even the simple thing which we shared about what a woman told you

That Mumbai city is such a place where

Once somebody leaves home in the morning there is no Assurance that he will return in the evening.

This is somebody else's perspective, somebody else's thoughts and their low frequency.

A lot of things are happening in our city, country and the world.

In what direction is our perspective going?

And what vibration are we creating here?

Somebody else created it and shared with you.

You absorbed it and recorded on the soul.

And if you share that with somebody as it is.

If you tell them - Mumbai city is such that you leave in the morning but you don't know if you will return in the evening or not.

Now whose belief system has this become?

Now this belief system is not theirs

Now this belief system is yours.

Their frequency was already low.

Now your frequency also became low.

And then because you shared with somebody.

You lowered that person's frequency also.

Now, when that person was telling that to you

That Mumbai city is like that

You had the power

To protect your own frequency

And to try and raise her frequency also.

But when I repeat somebody else's perspective

Does it mean that I don't have my own personality or my own thinking at that time?

Somebody tells me - he is not good. After that I also start saying - he is not good.

If this is our Sanskar

That we are repeating somebody else's words as it is.

We can check and change it.

But what the Sanskar tells us about our ourselves is

That we absorb things from people as it is and make them ours.

Which is not very healthy.

Because we are not just absorbing their opinions.

The way others talk also.

We are not just absorbing them. We are making their frequency as our frequency.

So we are not only absorbing somebody's perspective.

This we really really need to understand.

You have already observed the perspective.

The moment you repeated their perspective to somebody, it means you have already observe their perspective.

But apart from absorbing the perspective the most powerful thing that has happened is

You came down to their frequency.

If we want to absorb somebody's perspective

Then let us absorb the perspective

That is absorbed the thoughts

And make them ours only if they raise our frequency.

Cleansing that we do here.

It should not happen that we accumulate more impurities.

We saw that our Aura is white.

So we need to keep it white the whole day.

People will come into our lives and we are not going to get distanced from them.

There could be impurities in other people's Aura.

But we have to pay attention that our aura remains clean.

Now in the morning your dress is pure white in colour.

People around us may have dirt or dust on their hands.

Somebody may have soil and somebody else may have sweat on his hand.

If everyone comes to you and taps your shoulder.

After 2 hours the colour of your dress will change.

So what will you do?

You will not let that happen.

If you consider it important to keep your dress clean.

If it is your priority, then even when you are with everyone

It is not that you will distance yourself from people to protect your white dress. No.

You will be with people, live with them, work with them and have fun.

But you will not let people come so close to you.

Same thing with the Aura.

If we get entangled with other people's Aura.

If we get entangled with another soul repeatedly.

Then our Energy field is getting stuck with theirs.

So whatever is present in their Energy field.

Its effect will come into our Energy field.

It means they touched your Aura

And left your aura impure.

So if it is a priority for us to keep our Aura clean.

Then despite living among other people

We need to keep ourselves protected.

Because we meet so many people throughout the day.

Everyone has their own Energy field.

Everybody is Energy field has different things in it.

Somebody has held on to negativity, somebody to jealousy, and somebody else to anger.

Somebody has held on to past pain.

All these are in their Aura.

It may also not be necessary that we gossip with other people. Even their thoughts have an influence on us.

We need to be with everybody, we don't need to cut off from people.

It is never about distancing ourselves from people.

We have to be with people but careful of the company we keep.

The kind of people we spend time with.

We generally do this when it comes to friends.

When it comes to social circle.

But we need to live with family.

We need to live with relatives.

Even at workplace we need to manage to work with different kinds of people.

Each time we cannot cut off from people.

We cannot do that.

But while living with different people

While doing our own work and while living our own life.

We should not get entangled with them.

Somebody may have a habit of speaking more and discussing about others, and any of these 4 qualities we discussed.

We need to distance ourselves from those discussions.

Because we have found our purpose.

What is the most important goal for us?

To keep our Aura white.

Even if somebody begins a gossip

We can change the subject smoothly.

I read in a book

It was about a couple who loved and cared for each other.

The writer mentions a line towards the end

That they start looking like brother and sister.

That even their face changes.

We find so many families who have adopted children.

The child is from some other family and from a different background.

But once the child comes into their house.

He changes and if we looked at him after few years

He starts resembling that family even in his looks.

Because in in whose energy field is he now in?

Energy field is so important.

We have to pay attention to whom we are living with.

To lead a spiritual life, this discipline is very important.

So it is about self-control and discipline.

We don't bring these things into self-control and discipline.

What all do we consider under self-control and discipline?

About control with respect to diet or daily activities.

Let us visualise a white aura all around us.

Today the whole day even while being with people.

I should not let my white Aura get dirty.

Which means

Neither should people remain entangled here on the soul.

Nor should people think wrong about me.

I should not do any wrong Karma to give a chance for people to think wrong about me.

Today in Kalyug souls are very depleted.

If you get entangled with somebody or scold them.

If there is an argument with somebody

It is possible that we forget in 2 minutes.

Where is the other person may hold on to it for a very long time.

And for as long as he is remembering us over that argument

Our state of mind is connected with his state of mind.

That is why we should not get entangled with people.

During my initial years of struggle in the industry what a producer had told me.

How a manager at a hotel treated me

Which shopkeeper did not talk to me well

Just as I remember all these things even after so many years

Everyone will remember.

And when they remember all those things they think about you in a particular way.

Or if we are thinking about them in a particular way.

Then our frequency matches with theirs.

That is why we say that the company that you keep

You will start becoming like them.

The shades of the company we keep colour our personality.

Our aura has a huge influence on the company we keep.