2 morning habits that will change your life

In a day, we experience morning, noon, evening, and night. In a few hours it will be midnight.
 But what will happen after midnight?
 It will be morning again.
Likewise in this world cycle, there were eras symbolising morning, afternoon, evening, and night.
 And now it is not just night it is midnight.
 But that time of 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. 
So some people wish good night at that time and some others wish good morning at that time.
That will be a time when some people go to sleep, and some people start waking up.
  Some people go to bed at 4 a.m. these days.
 Whereas some people are waking up at 4 a.m..
Where we say - He behaved in such a way that I was obviously sad and angry.
We need to decide whether to be on the side of those who sleep or those who wake up at this time.
 Sleep means a sleep of ignorance.
  Or when we have ego
 It means we are sleeping.
 And waking up means? Awakening.
 We will awaken from a sleep of ignorance and say 
 My thoughts and behaviours are my choice.
You feel good just by saying it. Imagine how you will feel when you live it.
I am a giver. I am a Satyugi soul.
 From today never tell yourself that you live in Kalyug.
 So let us tell ourselves - I am a Satyugi soul.
  When one soul becomes Satyugi
 They will influence other people so much 
 That even other people also start shifting towards Satyug.
 Even at home if one person wakes up early 
 What happens?
The others try to block the noise he is creating, so that they can try to sleep.
Everyone doesn't wake up at the same time at home. One person wakes up first.
 The person who has woken up will start doing some things
   They say - Let me sleep.
 But we start doing our work. 
 But that time is slightly risky.
 Because either those people who are awake 
 Others make him sleep so that they get to sleep for another hour.
 Or the one who is awake 
But if we remain awake 
He does a few things because of which those who are asleep will wake up.
 So tomorrow which is the Monday 
It means they are asleep and they are in Kalyug.
People in your office will have different behaviours
   If we get angry at them it means we also fell asleep.
 If the one who is awakened remains calm 
 If he says the same things respectfully 
Which means we awakened the other person also.
The other person will also calm down
  So either we awaken them 
 Or we get disturbed and they put us to sleep.
Not just a charger. Where do you connect the charger to? Power house.
Now we are awakened, Satyugi souls.
 We are givers.
So how will a soul create Satyug from Kalyug?
 Right now the soul battery is discharged.
The soul battery will get charged.
So that soul will do something every day such that
   What should we do to charge a discharged battery?
  From today we will give ourselves one gift.
 And this is the need of the hour today.
Every morning set aside one hour for yourself.
 If you want to set right everything in your life 
We need to set aside one hour to charge the soul battery.
Your happiness, health, relationships, children ...
The remaining 23 hours of their day will change.
Every house needs one charged battery.
 Charging this battery for 1 hour means 
 Filling ourselves with spiritual wisdom given by God 
 And also connecting to God and charging the soul battery through meditation.
 Anyone who gives themselves that one hour every morning
   This will be one way of living.
 Another way of living would be 
Reading newspaper as soon as you wake up.
 How many of you begin the day with reading a newspaper?
Just think of the quality of information we fill our mind with, first thing in the morning.
 The more we read newspapers, Kalyug will intensify.
About crime, violence, tragedies ...
Because early morning the mind will be clean and its absorption power will be at its highest.
 When we were students, we were asked to wake up early in the morning and study.
But in the newspaper what do we read in the morning?
Because what we study in the morning will register well in our memory.
  Remember this well 
 We become what we listen, read, and watch.
 Because that content will get fit inside.
And other thoughts will be created based on that information.
 Today we have newspaper, TV, and phone. 
 So we keep getting messages throughout the day.
Someone is ridiculing another person.
When we keep listening, reading, and watching content
 Information is continuously going in.
Don't consume any information related to how you don't want to become.
Someone is pulling down another person.
 Someone is criticizing the other.
When our mind gets filled with it.
We keep watching that.
  Very shortly it will start reflecting in our Sanskars and actions.
 Be very careful.
We need to follow a diet about what we listen, read, and watch.
Like how we follow our diet of what to eat and what not to eat.
  We should not consume any tamsik information.
  Start listening, reading, and watching information related to how you want to become.
 So let's give one hour for ourselves every morning.
That information will have God's powers and soul's original qualities of peace and love.
Let's fill ourselves with spiritual wisdom.
  Don't begin the day with reading newspapers.
 Don't turn on the TV early morning.
The moment you look at a message you will know its quality.
Even when you read newspaper later in the day, just skim through important highlights.
 When messages keep coming on the phone, we go through them in the pretext of Timepass.
 Please take care.
 We become what we listen, read, and watch.
When we delete it will only get deleted from our phone.
We go through some messages and then say it was not useful.
   But it is already registered on our mind.
So let's create a practice.
  So start a new practice.
 Delete it without going through it completely.
 Can you do it? Yes.
Delete it without reading, listening, or watching it fully.
 And certainly don't forward it to anyone.
 It is not a right Karma.
The one who creates the message creates only one message.
When we forward such things 
 Content which can disturb other people's mind
   But it is we who spread it around the world.
For a few days you'll be tempted to watch it for just a minute. But no.
Don't share any content which is not Satvik.
 It becomes our Karma of polluting the society.
 So neither consume it yourself 
Eventually people who creates such messages will stop it.
Nor forward it to other people.
  Because such messages are not circulating at all.
The kind of energy that we spread in the society, is our deep Karma. 
 Can you delete a message without listening, reading, or watching it?
  It is like - there is vada pav in one plate and fruit in other plate.
 What is your mind inclined to eat?
 Vada Pav is tastier 
For a few days you need to take your mind off this plate, and take it to the other plate.
But fruit is healthier.
  After five or six days your mind will automatically go towards the healthier choice.
 When you send a message of spiritual wisdom, people say they will read it at leisure.
If we stop listening, reading, and watching certain quality of information
But if the message is about gossip, they will read it instantly and ask for more.
 If you meet then after few days, they will even follow up on that matter, about what happened next.
 The society becomes polluted.
About the information we are consuming 
We are living in an era where information is transmitted very quickly.
 We need to take care
   The information we are sharing with others 
And the information we are letting others to send us.
  People will stop sending us that quality of information.
 Then we are safe.
 Let's take care.
So 1 hour in the morning for ourselves. And during the day taking care of the information intake.
Meditation means taking care.
 Taking care of the mind.
  We need to protect our mind.
 When a Diya flickers 
Otherwise that Diya will get extinguished.
We will need to protect it.
  So one is to take care of everything will listen, read, and watch.
Why did he say like that ... Why do we have so many problems at home ... 
Secondly we need to take care of everything we eat and drink.
 If someone at home is worried, scared, or restless 
Create a thought that God's powers are field in this food.
Add write vibrations into food while cooking.
  This is not just food, it is Prasad.
Our relationships are harmonious. There is unity and respect at home. Add these thoughts daily.
Our house is heaven on earth. Keep adding this thought everyday.
  If we don't take care we will add thoughts of worry
    If you cook while creating such thoughts 
 Your problems will intensify because, as is the food so will be the mind.
 The third component which comes home is money.
Don't use any unethical practices whatsoever.
Money should come home along with blessings.
 While earning money
   Money which comes home should be very pure.
Mind will influence the body.
Because that money will be used to buy food for our family.
 Food will influence the mind.
  So the first energy will be of the money.
So don't drink anything which is not Satvik. Don't even bring them home.
Money should be pure and contain blessings.
 Food we eat should be Satvik.
Our mind should be filled with spiritual wisdom.
 Then our house will certainly become heaven on earth. There is no other possibility. 
 Only if we create any issues in any of these four aspects, our destiny will be affected.
 But if these four energies are Satvik 
 Your house will be heaven on earth.
Even water should be pure. As is the water so will be our words.
Are you ready to eat Satvik food? Yes.
  Don't consume anything which is harmful to your mind or body.
 Anything which is harmful for the body is not good for the Soul either.
 Our happiness is not dependent on what we eat or drink.
Today when we are in an environment 
Our happiness lies in our thoughts and Sanskars.
  Where we have God's power with us 
 Whatever we decide, we can give up that wrong habit today. 
We have so much power within. 
From today I the soul give up this habit or addiction.
 It is over, never to come back again.
  But if we don't take care 
Although we saw it, we will not mention it to anyone else.
Then even if we are ill and the doctor has advised to give up something
 We say we cannot give it up.
We are Masters. Our mind, body, and sense organs obey our every instruction.
We are not slaves to anything. We are Satyugi souls.
  So we will set aside one hour for ourselves every morning.
We will pay attention to the quality of information intake throughout the day.
We will fill ourselves with God's knowledge and power.
  We will take another vow today
 When we find weakness in someone 
Any mistake or any vices in them
  Can we do it? It's very easy.
 Just need to decide not to to spread vibrations of someone's weaknesses in the environment.
 Shall we take a vow?
 I will not talk about someone's mistakes or weaknesses to anyone else.
Because people come to us and share matters about other people 
Also if someone comes to me and discusses other people's mistakes
   What should we do?
 Tell them politely e that you have taken vow, not to listen to other people's weaknesses.
 Small talk will get finished.
I need to keep my battery powerful throughout the day. Fully charged.
Otherwise relationships will get affected.
 It will start with the small matter but will escalate.
Because when someone shares information 
 His Sanskar, his nature, and his perspective will get added to it.
 So neither will we talk nor will we listen about other people's weaknesses.
 Have the power to tell them lovingly and humbly 
Even if the insist that you listen for a minute, divert the topic.
Let's speak something else.
  Thereafter they will stop discussing such things with you.
Similarly we need to take care of the information diet 
This is a Lifestyle change.
 Like how we take care of our food habits today
   Otherwise our soul battery will get discharged.
  I am a Satyugi soul.
 I the soul, am a giver.
 How many of you are yet to come to the centre and learn Rajyoga meditation?
 It is taught at all our centres.
But the people involved in arranging it are like all of you.
We heard that this event was arranged in just 15 days.
  They live at home, manage families, and they are working.
It was possible because every morning they take out one hour to charge themselves.
Besides they also did this Seva in 15 days.
  Anyone who takes out one hour to charge themselves 
 They will have a lot of time throughout the day 
All this will be taught in the 7 day Raj Yoga meditation course.
Because they are charged, all their work gets done very quickly.
 Otherwise it takes a lot of time to organise an event of this scale.
This journey which we begin today 
And most importantly, they do everything remaining light.
  Just continue it for one more week
 Give yourself one hour every morning.
 In in that one hour we will understand ourselves 
We will learn Rajyoga meditation from the centre and connect to God.
We will understand the songs of our Sanskars which are recorded here.
  With that connection the soul battery will get charged. 
 We will learn how to do the right Karma, how to remain light 
And how to create Satyugi Sanskars.
   It is taught free of cost.
 All we need to do is take out one hour and go to the centre to learn.
 How many of you are ready to take out one hour?
We need to be that Satyugi soul of our house.
We need to be the Diya of our house.
We need to be the soul who creates happiness, health, and beautiful relationships at home.