Wrong Sitting Posture Habits - What is the correct sitting posture

A posture is defined as the position that we hold our body with while standing or sitting many people suffer from wrong sitting posture in their day

Wrong Sitting Posture Habits - What is the correct sitting posture

A posture is defined as the position that we hold our body with while standing or sitting many people suffer from wrong sitting posture in their day to day life because of wrong sitting posture their bones are affected their muscles are affected and more internal organ also get affected, these postural defects can cause many problems.
One should be mindful about correct sitting posture when a posture is such which is out of alignment then it will give undue pressure on various organs, specially your spine and muscles and this would interrupt your daily activities this would even increase fatigue in your body.

Wrong Sitting Posture Habits - What is the correct sitting posture

Wrong Sitting Posture Habits are increasingly determined by the daily use of technology. Smartphones, tablets and laptops increasingly sophisticated and smaller and smaller allow us to be constantly connected with the rest of the world and get all the information we want, practically in real time and wherever we are.

This may all sound fascinating and funny, but what does it cost to our health? How do you find and maintain correct sitting posture?

Poor posture can lead to multiple issues including 

  •  Joint or muscle pain.
  •  Neck head or backstress 
  •  Possible loss of balance.

What are the effects on the body of Wrong Sitting posture

In an ideal posture all the joints of the body, starting from the feet up to the head, are perfectly aligned and the activity of the muscles responsible for keeping us upright is minimal. The head is in line with the pelvis and the spine retains all physiological curves without presenting any form of scoliosis. The organism is practically in a condition of perfect balance where every single structure performs its task in full harmony with the remaining structures of our body.

Unfortunately, however, the unnatural habitat in which we live forces us to spend many hours sitting in the office in front of a monitor or leaning forward to stare at a smartphone, this leads to the onset of serious postural alterations and pain.
The most common postural alteration that many suffer from is that which leads the head to go forward, the shoulders to bend and the spine, especially in the thoracic tract, to form a sort of small humpThis incorrect posture forces the muscles of the neck, shoulders and shoulder blades to stiffen and remain in this state for many hours a day to try to prevent the head and shoulders from going further forward and making us stand as straight as possible. However, since these muscles are not designed to remain contracted for such long periods of time, they often cause tension and pain in both the shoulders and neck.

Sitting for a long time and with the head bowed forward also has serious repercussions in the lower back and pelvis where the lumbar lordosis becomes more pronounced and the back and leg muscles stiffen and become shorter. The result of this type of posture is an increase in the loads on the intervertebral discs which causes the formation of protrusions and herniated discs. These alterations are further accentuated if in addition to sitting for a long time we also have a tendency to collapse on ourselves!

While doing your activities or exercising In a day there are some common incorrect way in which people sit which you should watch and avoid them in your day to day living. 

1) Hunchback 

That causes prominent curve to your upper back, it often puts pain on your chest because of this posture and it also effects your lungs and this can lead to a breathing issue in long run this is one of the most identified common problem which you see in middle age or in old age. Mindfully sitting with straight back and relaxed shoulder would help correcting this issue. Another movement which people should do is stand interlock the fingers behind and stretch them backwards and this also is a beautiful exercise, such movement contracts the muscles at the back and expands the chest. 

2) Sway back 

This refers to a position where the pelvic region is forward and the back is behind like you are resting like this and that is a very bad position, you should know that here your spine also gets pressed, you should know that your kidney also is getting affected and so this is a very wrong position to sit this position actually exaggerates the curve of your lower back this can cause major pain in your lower back region causing pain and strain in that region sitting in a chair for a long time sitting casually on a couch and recklessly lounging at home in such incorrect posture is going to cause tremendous amount of pain actually we have become habitual in taking such a position at home one must be careful about his position at all times by maintaining a right posture and this would add to a proper spine alignment.

3) Ducks butt

This refers to a posture when the butts seem jutted out and the stomach is turned in I have seen people standing in this position for a long time and that causes tremendous amount of pain in the glutes and lower back muscles, so now what should be done stretching and strengthening exercise can release some pain that would make the muscles stronger and help regain overall balance one can stand with their back against the wall and stretch by standing on your toe move your hands upwards and outwards regular practice of this really help in regaining better posture. 

4) Leaning on one side

leaning on the chair or over the cars armrest or taking support on the desk can lead excessive pressure on neck and shoulders, it disrupts the alignment of the spine and add strain on all the sides of our body. I have seen people lean on one side and put one leg over other now here this position is bad in any case for shoulder and neck its even bad for your knee muscles this crossing legs like this is wrong if at all you want to take support the you should first sit straight and you can fold the leg in this position so try and see that you don’t lean on sides even with the help of your legs here and there but see that your spine is straight in proper alignment. Now what you should do is do some shrugs upper body stretches, upper body rotations neck rotations this would really help and give you good relief to give you proper alignment do parvatasana and then do some postures when you are standing and that is konasana number 2 and number 3 all this will bring proper alignment of your spine. 

5) Bent neck

when the neck is bent like this your ears are not aligned vertically with your body. A correct posture would be when your ear and shoulder are in stick line with your whole body this ensures that there is minimal to no strain on your upper body bent neck happens when you lean forward to do any activities majorly while using the mobile phone we tend to bend our neck forward while using mobile and this condition is technically called as “text neck” the other causes are namely slouching on the computer, texting a lot or driving while seeking a balance from the steering wheel, take the case of todays scenario that people are working from home our home has become partly office where the desk the computer the position are not correct because you have to adjust in the house and in that case people suffer from quiet a lot of neck pain shoulder pain and quiet a lot of other health hazards, so while working little neck rotation neck going to the side and a little rotation would help a person to relieve stress in that area and this would also help in retaining the alignment.

Another practice is placing palm in front of your forehead and placing it firmly and then trying to push palm with your head in front so then try and see that hands are firmly kept but head is trying to push palm so this exercise would help strengthening your neck muscles very well there are other few wrong postures which should not be done for a long period and the are one is beak chin, another is military straight posture, third wriggling phone between shoulder and ear or even the uneven shoulder or hip, such postures when done regularly for a longer period may definitely disturb the alignment of your spine so now we should aware we should become alert, once in a while it is ok but still we should be doing yoga postures regularly certain asanas very regularly.

Asanas like parvatasana and its variations and yashtikasana should be done regularly. Regular walk in the room if you cant go out will really help in preventing all these problems a proper spine alignment is a must to avoid load on you muscles and internal organs. In yoga it is mentioned that you are as old as your spine, if your spine is correct fit, you will remain young understand this so staying active, staying in proper alignment with your posture is most important, try to do it correctly ,become aware of your posture, become aware of your activities and remain in active, cheerful and happy.


Wrong Sitting Posture Habits are the result of our history and our experiences:  behaviors and ways of moving that were  effective in the past. Having become automatic it is  difficult to change them  even if we are willing to do so. Every change brings anxiety and worry: we are our posture and our  habits Why change? Our brain spontaneously avoids  getting out of comfortable situations , especially when it is tiring and the final result is uncertain.
However, there are  some tricks you  can use to improve posture and promote  healthier habits .By exploiting them you  also reduce the risk factors of many severe diseases caused by sedentary life or poor physical activity as well as  increasing the benefits of therapies. Start by introducing small changes, new activities are gradually inserted and associated, preferably in pleasant contexts and people. Repetition over time and small personal self-gratifications will be the driving force.