Kidney Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Insufficient hydration or a lack of fluid could be one of a major reason for kidney problems. Lack of water

Kidney Disease Symptoms and


Insufficient hydration or a lack of fluid could be one of a major reason for kidney
problems. Lack of water and its substitutes can make room for a lot of fatal issues,
including kidney stones, chronic kidney diseases and trapped Kidney infection.
Bodies in ability to flush out the toxins can cause imbalance and obstruction in
body's regular functioning. Here are some steps,

Kidney Disease Symptoms and Treatment

How to Hydrate your Body healthily to prevent

excessive pressure on kidney.

First is magic morning portion. Having water in the morning clears, bobbles and
flushes out the toxins. This is a practice everyone  should follow. First, after waking
up, consume this magic fenugreek drink to kick start your day so one tablespoon
fenugreek seed over night in the morning Boil it in a glass of water and add a little
pinch of salt or lemon for the taste. Another could be take 2 to 4 lady finger. Cut it
at the head, dip it in a lukewarm water and let it soak overnight in the morning take
out the ladies finger and boil the water. Such drinks will help regulate blood sugar
and clean the system.

Second, Tip on this detox drink for healthy kidney. Hydration at a regular interval is
very much required to see that the body functions well and the kidneys are kept
healthy one can forget to drink even water in the middle of the work enduring your
regular household works. Hence keep a water bottle with you all the time. To make
it more exciting. You can add cucumber, Lemon sliced, ginger, Mint and sip this water
at a regular interval. This delicious drink will help you remove all the toxins and help
in healthy kidney function.

Third, hydration through meal. Make sure that your food also has sufficient amount
of water. Be mindful of including soups Dals anyone brought in your meal? This will
help in a better digestion and absorption of your nutrients. Consuming butter milk at
lunchtime has brought to be wonderful. It really helps kidney. It helps even bladder
in buttermilk. You can add coriander and pepper to boost the taste and that would
even be healthy for your system in the butter milk. Instead of using regular salt or
refined salt better have rock salt Sendha namak that pink rock salt. That would be
very good for your health.

Number four, Substitute tea and coffee with certain drinks. Opt for healthier alternative
for tea and coffee like green tea or fresh unsweetened juices. These will not only rejuvenate
you but also detoxify your system. One can Opt for any green tea variants to refreshed
after a midday slump parsley tea could be  another various healthy substitute for
Tea and coffee. 
lets understand how to make it  boil parsley leaves 5 to 7 minutes on a medium flame
and then strain it and add lemon and honey and drink it warm. If you don't have parsley,
you can have lemon grass. Boil lemon grass. 

Six points Healthy and Hydrating Snacks Unsweetened smoothies powered by nuts and 
natural fructose are also good options to keep yourself hydrated. This will also serve  as
a good snack and a mood enhancer in the mid day hours. Water does more for our
body  then we give credit for. So, Right hydration is the key for better kidney. health
in yoga, as we give importance to food, that person should eat four times in a day
at a regular interval, and person should be hungry to eat food. Similarly, person
should drink water  when person is thirsty or see to it. That the moment you wake
up in the morning, you  have a glass of warm water. And at night also, before sleeping
you must have a glass of warm water. In the morning. After the warm water person
should have a healthy drink, which we have mentioned at night. Also person should
have a glass of milk with little haldi and pinch of pepper. So keep all this in mind and
remain healthy so that you don't get into  trouble. And for that all these details we
have given follow all these things and keep  yourself healthy fit and fine.

What Are the Kidney Disease Symptoms?

  • Fatigue, nausea, vomiting
  • Change in the appearance of urine (bloody, tea-colored, foamy)
  • Change in urination habits (increase or decrease in amount)
  • burning while urinating, urination at night
  • Swelling of ankles, hands and face
  • high blood pressure
  • shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  • Taste disturbance, foul-smelling breath

What lifestyle changes can help in kidney treatment?

1. In addition to various treatment modalities, lifestyle changes can reduce the
progression of chronic kidney disease. Control your high blood pressure and blood sugar.
2. Eat a healthy diet (or a low protein, or low salt diet).
Lose weight.
3. Begin with 3 x 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.
4. Quit smoking.
5. Avoid certain pain relievers.
6. However, always seek your doctor's advice and follow medical developments
before making any major changes.


1. Blood and urine tests
2. Ultrasound
3. Sometimes biopsy
4. Blood and urine tests are essential. They confirm the deterioration of renal function
5. When the loss of kidney function reaches a certain level in chronic kidney disease,
the levels of bio chemicals in the blood usually become abnormal.
6. The levels of urea and creatinine, metabolic wastes normally excreted by the
kidneys, are increased.
7. The blood becomes moderately acidic.
8. Potassium in the blood is often normal or only slightly increased, but it can become
dangerously high.
9. Calcium and calcitriol in the blood are reduced.
10.The levels of phosphate and parathyroid hormone increase.
11.The hemoglobin level is usually lower (which means the person has some degree of
12.Potassium levels can rise dangerously if kidney failure is advanced or if the person
ingests large amounts of potassium or if they are taking a medicine that prevents
potassium from being excreted by the kidneys.
13.Urinalysis can detect many abnormalities, including the presence of proteins and
pathological cells.
14.An ultrasound is often done to rule out the possibility of obstruction and to check
the volume of the kidneys. Small kidneys with scarring are often a sign that the loss
of kidney function is chronic. It becomes difficult to determine the precise cause of
chronic kidney disease if it is at an advanced stage.
15.Taking a sample of tissue from a kidney for examination (renal biopsy) may be the
most accurate examination, but it is not recommended if the ultrasound data shows
kidneys that are small or have abnormalities scars.