Simple home remedies for cold and cough to fight with Covid

Simple home remedies for cold and cough to fight with Covid 

We all know that having cold is not a good thing at all and suffering from this is really increases when person has running nose or puffed nose and running eyes and feeling feverish condition of the individual become very critical due to cold and cough not be able breath properly and having chest pain also. There are some excellent natural homeremedies which can give you instant relief from all this here are some ways you can treat your cold and cough.

home remedies for cold and cough

Understand one point very clearly that cold and cough comes gradually under proportion so when it is just beginning when you started feel you have cold then immediately attack on this immediately use this remedies which will be stop to make your condition more critical and it does not go further otherwise it will grow in real influenza difficulty in breathing and so many more problems you may face which will be too late, so start immediately when you find that you are sneezing or nose is getting little stuffed or eyes are watering Or you are feeling little feverish so in starting  treat this with home made remedies

1. Combination of black pepper pan and tulsi

There are all powerful herbs that available in every household. Sometimes pan may not be available but other three are easily available so boil these ingredients in water for atleast 10 minutes and then strain it and drink it if it is too pungent put jaggery in it and drink it, but you must take such drink twice a day at least that could really help you to fight with early symptoms , dry ginger is excellent anti inflammatory so according to me every human being should take dry ginger every day or fresh ginger smashed and take its juice everyday.

Ginger has substance called gingerly, it really helps in preventing further inflation black pepper is also strong anti inflammatory Tulsi and pan could boost the production of antibodiesin our body .This combination is an excellent combination to protect you from cold and cough

2. ginger juice honey and haldi 

take a spoon of honey put few drops of fresh ginger juice in that put haldi in that just mix it and sip it slowly in your throat. that itself is a good treatment for cold and cough. Honey has a soothing effect on the throat.Haldi is a strong immunity booster. This combination is also excellent for cold and cough.

3. Jiggery ginger powder and turmeric 

Try and make laddu out of these three things In the sense take jiggery make it into the paste put little turmeric and ginger powder make a roll .if you have a sore throat then add some ghee in to it and make laddu. Keep it in your mouth and go on sucking it little little and then chew it up that is an excellent treatment for dry cough and cold when person has dry cough nothing works.This combination is going to work.

4. Salt water gargling

Yoga says very clearly that saline liquid really helps at loosening up the mucus so gargle with salt water, water should be warm and put some salt in it and gargle you can put even haldi in it and gargle. Gargling really helps at nasal passage as well as throat so do this 3 to 4 times a day that will really help in settling problems.

5. Use of warm water

Water s job is to wash away the unwanted things warm water helps in removing toxins from the system and gives soothing effect to the body because body also has water in to it goes so well that you dont need any other medicine just warm water every hour and you will be able to handle your All these remedies are excellent remedies you can use any one of them find out what suits you What gives you instant relief that beautiful but the problem does not solve here.

But you should know why you get in to trouble why you got cold why you got cough why of everything the root cause of every thing has to be found out then you will be doing perfect job it is observed that there are few mistakes people do that why people suffer from cold and cough one amongst the mistakes people usually do

1. Sitting under the fan

Sitting under the fan means fan is moving on your head and head getting cold means automatically sinuses getting disturbed then running nose and bad throat starts so avoid directly sitting under fan. Fan could be used very slowly not fast like blast of air on your head rather the room should be ventilated enough but when you sleep and the fan is on thats still more harmful . It is better you cover your head while sleeping cover your ears with a scarf and that will save you from getting in the trouble remember that .

2. Taking bath immediately after waking up

Once you wake up do some exercises asanas and yogas, once you finish your morning duties drink warm water, evacuate your bowel, walk a little bit here and there and do all normal activities and then go for bath.

3. Eating frozen food and drinking cold drinks

Cold drinks directly affect your alimentary canal or stomach and it irritates inner lining and that will definitely cause cold and cough, frozen food is still more harmful and person should totally avoid it. When any thing is put in the fridge you remove it at least one hour earlier let it come to our room temperature not immediately eat frozen food remember all this things that definitely causes irritation and problems and make cold more severe.

4. Not drying your hair after bath

If your head is cold your hair is wet it is going to directly affect your sinuses and so you will catch cold and cough very fast so keep in mind that your head should always dry. Sometimes people sweat a lot and their head becomes wet they should open their hair take a nice Turkish towel rub it nicely and make it dry before it cause cold.

5. Constipation

Constipation is the root cause of many diseases and many problems and  one of them is cold and cough whenever the person has cold and cough the person has to see that his elementary canal should be absolutely clear, clean and that is why eat sufficient fruits like papaya chikoos and eat sufficient vegetables. Your elementary canal should be clear you should evacuate your bowels rather twice or thrice so everything is clean no constipation at all, remember that cold and cough is not really acceptable It is very frustrating and it is definitely a painful factor don't allow cold and cough to increase further, Immediately do all these remedies and take care of yourself. 

We always believe prevention is better than cure this has to be prevented before  take proper precautionary measures stay healthy stay happy Laugh giggle and dance stay active and you will feel fine dont catch cold and cough remain healthy.