Is it possible to read others mind ?

Is reading others mind possible? Yogis and sages have demonstrated mind reading skills at ease and they know what is going in your mind

Is it possible to read others mind ?

A man is what his mind is. To watch others mind is like standing at the shore and trying to see the other end of the ocean, it is like penetrating through a hard solid mountain. Is reading others mind actually possible? Have you ever noticed many real Yogis and sages have shown mind reading skills at ease and they know what is going in your mind and what is your next step.

read others mind

This looks  very similar to what a fictional character Sherlock Homes does in his detective stories and movies. Lets understand the logic behind of reading others mind. If you look at nature you will see there is always moments and motions and these are the integral part of the nature, we can say that it is  like its breath it is natures way to make us feel its own presence.

All the movements and motions of nature constantly remind us that world around us is alive and in action whether it is a swinging fall of a broken leaf or dissolving shapes of the milking clouds or the dancing dust within the shining sun all of this activity makes our world lively. It is natures way to express that all are in constant motion, active and alive there is nothing which doesn’t move everything is bind  in a chain of reaction, action and motion. 

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As Buddha once  upon a timd said that this  world is nothing else but the chain of motion in fact he also said that the mind is also chain of the passing moments. Life is just  an interaction between self and the changing world so remember everything is an action and reaction, by focusing on moments and sequences a man get the highest discriminative knowledge, our faculties are designed to capture these moments, motions and changes in the nature we can even pick up the faintest and subtlest changes which are happening around us.

We are photo sensitive, vibratory sensitive, impact sensitive and even molecule sensitive. We are just made of many type of sensors every cell is a sensor by itself and every cell is designed to sense the changes happening outside  Some of us use senses only to see the mundane changes but some may use it to its full potential like yogis and monks. Yogis could pick up even the subtlest change through their very active refined senses.

Mind reading is just same  It is like picking up the micro expressions. Every thought which build in our mind  has manifestation at its physical level your thoughts reflects through your eyes, your eye movements your facial expression your body gesture, your posture and even your body movements and sometimes in your body odor as well. So every thought has its subtle effect on our entire body.

Reading the mind means reading these subtle effects in your body, reading all these micro expressions this is not that much  easy to pick up all these small micro expressions but one who is more aware and mindful will be able to pick up all these subtle effects and with this change a man can knows what he or she is thinking.

How can one develop such ability

It can come only intuitively. It is our subconscious skill more you  become mindful and aware to your nature and surroundings more micro details appear to your consciousness your subconscious  mind naturally gets developed such skill to read somebody else thoughts through these micro details. Another important factor in order to read someone mind our own mind has to be quiet and calm we should have control on our senses even on our thoughts.

When you come in front of me if i start thinking about you then I wont be able to go into the detail of your mind but I am blank I am just seeing you know thoughts then it would be easy quickly to read your mind Dr. Kellins very often showed such mind reading skills in many occasions he would know the moment he would see some individual in front what are his intentions what are his thoughts and what are his motives and even what could be his health issues and so on. 

This is purely a mind reading ability. Your mind reflects in your aura your expression and your body odor so its very easy to know about an individual without coming in contact with them there is no need to have any contact, you can just get too know that by looking at that person you can tell what type of disease he must be suffering from, you can tell what type of tension is there in his mind all that becomes very easy.

our subconscious mind  will show only the truth and only in this state of rtambhara you can read somebody mind perfectly so understand to read somebodies mind, person needs to train himself to read his own mind and control our thoughts he has to learn to be so quiet and calm in every situation then only he could come to a state which is known as no thought state pure peaceful calm mind state in this state you can see things very very clearly so we have to work on ourselves we have to learn to sense little little changes happening to our surroundings  and also  we need to train our mind  to learn to be very pure quiet and peaceful. 

If you reach to this level then you will be able to read anything anybody mind you could see the truth around, so keep observing yourself first then keep observing the world a changeful nature of the world and watch you don’t get affected by the changes but you are in a peaceful and blissful state.