Easy Natural Treatment for thyroid at Home

Easy Natural Treatment for thyroid  at Home

You must have heard many people telling you, I have thyroid problem, some people put on so much weight and tell I have thyroid problem well ,what is this thyroid? Thyroid is a gland which is situated in throat region. its shape is like butterfly. There are two types of thyroid which everyone should know.

1. Hypothyroidism

2. Hyperthyroidism

Natural treatment for thyroid

Hypo and hyper

Hypo thyroid is a condition where there is lesser secretion of thyroid hormones ,and the person is slow in thinking, slow in work, gets tired very easily and so on . when everything goes slow person rather puts on weight .sometimes you must be noticing that there is a swollen gland over throat is called goiter . all these are hypothyroid problems .Again there is another condition.


where there is more secretion where everything is fast, Swift person starts reducing in weight. person becomes anxious, restless .everything is rapid in body and that creates problem in him out of this two hypothyroid is very very common and that too in women. Generally when someone says they have thyroid problem most of the time it is hypothyroid problem .

Here are few things which you can do to overcome hypothyroid conditions .

1. Food to avoid

You should avoid certain kind of foods containing goitrogen and there are many common foods which contain goitrogen.

1. soya products like tofu

2. cruciferous vegetables like cabbage ,cauliflower and broccoli

3. sweet potatoes

4. peach and strawberries

5. peanuts

Person with hypothyroid conditions should totally avoid these foods because it is not conducive to this problem. Now there are certain foods which person with hypothyroid should consume one of the causes for hypothyroidism is less iodine in your system to have sufficient iodine

1. consume more dairy products

2. eat selenium rich food more

Foods like sunflower seeds ,brown rice and yogurt are rich in selenium .and more important is that you eat four times a day .

3. Yoga techniques

Yoga helps in releasing TSH Thyroid stimulating hormones. TSH is released by pituitary gland here are the asanas which not only increases the circulation of thyroid gland but also helps activating pituitary gland .

In bhujang asana you are lifting your head up and taking your head back absolutely giving stretch over neck and compression over back so both this places are activated. similarly all such back bending asanas like dhanurvakrasana, ustrasana and chakrasana they all help in the same way .

The person with thyroid issue generally need more confidence, more energy. and these are the asanas which help you to increase more energy and thereby increase confidence.

4. Sleep

Studies show that lack of sleep causes hyperthyroidism Too much of sleep will cause hypothyroidism Ideal sleep should go up to seven to eight hours . seven to eight hours sleep is sufficient sleep will help in releasing T3 and T4 HORMONES

5. Meditation

Stress is the major cause of all the endocrine problems . the release of TS3 and TS4 IS highly Affected because of stress. Mediation really helps in calming down your mind and releases the tension.

What you should do ?

1. you should go for a walk in silence spend some time with nature.

2. learn to just sit quietly in any of the meditative pose  spend time with yourself and contact with yourself and calm yourself down.

3. mind is too much busy thinking meditate on sound certain sounds outside the world Just focusing on sound will help your mind to calm down, it is called as Nishpand bhava

Thyroid is a condition which can be overcome by lifestyle changes. Remember happiness is the best medicine, so be happy remember to be active also see to it that you are actively participating in a positive way in life Change your lifestyle to what it was to this way you will be really enjoying .