7 Best Refreshing Drinks for Summer time

hot summer that will help you to feel so comfortable and cool and give you good amount of nourishment to cope up with this extreme climate. So first a

7 Best Refreshing Drinks for Summer

In nature we need to keep the balance everywhere so our body also require that balance when there is too much of heat outside, we have water to beat the heat during summer time when there is so much heat and sweating you must take water in correct amount that will help you to feel so comfortable and cool and give you good amount of nourishment to cope up with this extreme climate and your mind and body will feel very relaxed and calm. So first we will see the list of drinks,

refreshing summer drinks


1.Aam pana

Aam pana is  very tasty drink everybody should have drink in summer time, Mnagoes are seaconal fruit which we always get  during hot climate so take one raw mango and cook it in a pressure cooker and remove the pulp in a bowl and make paste of this  pulp and add good amount of water in it. In this water add jagerry, roasted cumin seeds and little salt and mix it all very well .it should be sweet and sour liquid so we make a diluted form of liquid very beautiful liquid to consume, you can consume it twice a day to fight the summer heat. 

2.Rose water

Take two glasses of water put half a cup of sugar preferably candy sugar, boil it once it is boiled well, take it out from the pyre and in this pot add rose petals preferably pink  rose are very good, put good amount of rose petals and cover it, keep it as it is by afternoon or evening when it will cool down and then you make a liquid out of it and drink it it is also known as rose sharbat.


Buttermilk is classic Indian summer drink which actually in every india household people drink it, in fact it is all season drink but in summer you should take more butter milk. Take a cup of curd and add good amount of water and churn it to make a white liquid and in that put little salt preferably pink rock salt, add roasted  cumin seeds into it and make a tasty drink you may add a little candy sugar also if you want to make it tasty but add it in very little amount and that becomes a nice salted butter milk and this butter milk can be consumed even in morning breakfast at lunch time  or at dinner time to feel comfortable. Indians  have given more importance to this drink even gods are also craving for this butter milk when they come to earth they call it nectar so all  humans on earth should drink butter milk.


A simple very easily made drink, if you have digestive issues in summer you should drink jaljeera to cure it,  So take roasted cumin seeds and little bit of coriander powder little bit of black pepper and mix it all with water you can drink it any time. Jaljeera powder is also available in the market so you can also buy jaljeera powder and  you can put jaljeera powder in a glass of water churn it drink you will found  good results for your digestion problem.

5.Sabja with lemon juice

Excellent combination of sabja with lemon which balances electrolytes in our body so we should drink this juice regularly so try and take a lemon juice. In this put sabja or chia seeds, soak down in water for some time, once they are puffed up add lemon juice into it. Drink that juice once or twice in a day this juice is very good to manage our body in hot climate. This drink is high in vitamin c so protects you from sunburns and rashes in skin in summer time . 


An amazing sweet drink, take a cup of curd add good amount of water in it and churn it to make liquid, Lassi is little thicker than chaas, in lassi you are putting sugar preferably candy sugar some people put honey in lassi also put little cardamom sometimes people put rose water, strands of kesar. Drink sip by sip .it will be a beautiful feeling in your system and its taste is also very delicious.

7.Watermelon juice

Watermelon is also a seasonal fruit which comes in summer, see god also know this will feels good to eat or drink its juice in summer time thats why god make available in this  hot climate. To make a juice out of watermelon and drink it sip by sip drink it slowly it is very thin liquid. So try and hydrate your body through water melon juice.

Dehydration is very common in summer time due to lack of water so many problems occur if you are not careful and if you don’t use these drinks. Your skin becomes dry ,eyes become soar lips get dry and painful, lots of fatigue and muscles soreness as if there is no strength in your muscles is felt in hot climate. If you are not careful person can die also from the dehydration, so try and see that you take care of yourself  these summer drinks can also substitute your main meals take these drinks and feel totally hydrated, happy and energetic.